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Kefalonia, the jewel of the Ionian Sea. The island got its name from Kefalo who arrived in the island
as a refugee from Athens. In antiquity the island was separate in four cities (Krani, Pronnoi, Sami and Palli), which were independent states. The island was occupied by many conquerors such as Romans, Normans, Venetians, French and British who invest in the infrastructure of the island such as roads, bridges and ports, but they tried to limit the democracy were implemented by the French. In 1864 Kefalonia was united with Greece but the long history did not finish  , in the Second World War was originally occupied by the Italians, which were designed to integrate with Italy but in 1943 the Germans occupied it until 1949.The island was struck by the great earthquake of 1953, which flattened nearly all buildings on the island.

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