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Beaches of Kefalonia


VATSA: The small picturesque bay Vrachynari where today the church of St. Nicholas, has ensured the existence of ancient temple of Poseidon. The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli houses the superb art of mosaics.

PLATIA SAND: taken to the highest village Palliki in Kaminara and see the old mill. Then walk down to the stunning beach of Platia Ammos the view is breathtaking. Get ready to get off but several steps to reach the beach. Of course, the staging is ... exhausted!

FLYING: astonishing beauty "white" beach-winning Blue Flag, with deep water and steep. The Ionian Sea open to "walk" you.

SAINT HELEN: This small beautiful beach is located below the Damoulianata and just 5 km If you like hiking, try to download the beach. The trail is wonderful.

AMIDEAS: astonishing beauty beach which you reach only by boat or by Athera by Zola. If you try to go there, do not forget to take a first-aid box .

ATHERAS: Swim in the beautiful seashore of Athera, eat fish and visit the picturesque seaside church of St. Spyridon.

Lagadakia: Heading towards the landmark lighthouse today Gompou Gero, stop in the small beach Lagadakia and cool in the crystal waters.

KOUNOPETRA: Located west of the beach where Palliki until the earthquake of 1953 presented the only unexplained phenomenon, rock sticking out from the sea near the shore ... metakineito endlessly with it!

LEPEDA: Beach south of Lixouri has been awarded the Blue Flag.

XI: Beach has organized ... red sand and crystal waters. The peculiarities of the landscape features rocks are certainly unique. This beach is connected with MIA LAKKO.


MONK SEAL: Small beach after Fiskardo with olives almost in the surf.

EMPLYSI: pebble beach with crystal clear waters green and blue just before Fiskardo.

ALATIES - Agia ROUSALI: the northerly road from the village Tzamarelata leads to Alaties, magnificent beauty, white, rocky beach. If you take the road to Chalikeri will swim at Agia Rousali, bay with clear waters and a very old temple ruins - the observatory next to the sea.
AGIA SOFIA: Near Komitata is the picturesque beach of Agia Sophia. Few houses, shingles and absolute solitude sketch the landscape. The beach on your right-in the download-and before the agia Sophia, which is Gorgota maintained until today the platform of a scene from the film "Captain Corelli's Mandolin. "

CHAGIANA: Near Neochori is the beach Chagiana. The road is narrow, downhill and wants attention.


MYRTOS: heaven! Rave blue! The most beautiful beach in Greece and Europe, and the third beauty beach in the world. On the evening of the August full moon made ??great music concert to attend and many land and sea! Water deeply and sharply, even though we dare not be afraid to download. The feeling that you feel is unique! You will find yourself in the vastness, the line somewhere between the land and sea.

SAINT EFIMIA: Clean beach stretches along the coast this town.

BEACHES IN THE DIRECTION SAMI: Along with the street and not far from the end of St. Euphemia enough points with deep blue waters that motivate you to swim. Be careful when downloading some rocks that look like plates. However, it can dive there because you can choose a beach ... only for you!


ANTISAMOS: Inside the trees, 4 km east of Sami, is an excellent pebbly beach with Blue Flag. Be careful because the water become deepens somewhat abruptly. Before the big move that will see the Antisamos, stop just above the cape Mitikas and wander the old town to the fork. In Antisamos you can go following the road from the old church of the Sami.

BEACHES ON THE ROAD TO THE HOLY EFIMIA - HOLY PARASKEYH: When you follow the road to St. Efimia will find beautiful small beaches with crystal blue waters, sometimes with pebbles and sand at times. The largest is the Holy Friday.

KARAVOMILOS: The beach is pebbly and the water is rather cold. This phenomenon happens because in this region mix ground water with the sea. Walk all around the picturesque pond, feed the ducks, photographed side by side in an iron mill that makes visible the phenomenon of sinks. The water from the pond led to the sea.

Eleios - Pronnoi

SKALA: A wonderful beach with blue flag, and pines for the most part.

AGIA BARBARA:Kateleiou: Enjoy a swim and enjoy fresh fish in the picturesque fishing village.

LIMENIA: Beach with small picturesque bays immediately after Poros towards the stairs. Typical rocks are scattered at sea create suitable conditions for fishing. Throughout the pristine area between Poros and Skala reproduce the seal Monachus-Monachus.

KORONI: A beach for those who love solitude. There are some umbrellas. Away from the main road. The road leading there is dirt, but you can do it.

ARAGIA: an organized beach, honored with the Blue Flag.

KAKO LAGKADI: Graphic small beach between Poros-Skala. Try to go by boat to Poros. You can go there on foot, is for athletes and nature lovers

KAMINIA - Ratzakli: long beach but, be careful the sandy because hatch the eggs of turtle Caretta-Caretta.

MOUNATA: deep blue sea, clean, with warm water.

POROS: pebble beach, large and clean.


LITHERO: Quiet beach just before Lourdas. Available to those who want to enjoy a quiet swim and the sun.

PESSADA: Beach and bay. There is a small port that daily departs a boat to Zakynthos.

LOURDAS: long sandy springs, gardens with vegetables, olives, orange and tropical plants make this beach unique in Greece.

AVITHOS: considered the best beach. Sandy beach, it has crystal, clear water, suitable for surfing.

St. HELIS (Saint Achilles): Sandy, a small picturesque beach near Svoronata. There are many steps, but when you will arrive you will be rewarded.

AGIOS THOMAS: Beach Karavados combining sand and rocks. Cool off with "Karavisianiko" spring water.

PALIOLINOS: Near to Corianna A beach with pebble and sand.

AMMES: Beach Svoronata the typical crystalline sea that occurs throughout the region Livatho.

KLIMATSIAS: Sandy beach in Spartia for swimming and relaxation.

TRAPEZAKI: Before you reach the beach, do not forget to visit the chapel of the Virgin in the pine hill.

AGIA PELAGIA: Beach between the Ai-Helis and Ammes beach


MAKRIS AND PLATIS GIALOS: The most touristic area of ??Kefalonia. It includes the entire North-Western part of the peninsula of Argostoli and consists of pine, from idyllic walks from hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues and a series of small beaches, sometimes sandy, sometimes pebbly, sometimes rocky. Here are the beaches of Makris and Platis Gialos. The excellent quality of water, the provision and care for the safety of swimmers, good organization and functioning of coastal and helped contribute to distract these two Blue Flag beaches every year.

GRADAKIA-KALAMIA- PALIOSTAFIDA: Beaches close to Argostoli. Clear blue waters, gray sand and rocks waiting for the swimmer to earn him unforgettable moments.

MINIES BEACHES: Series of small beaches, some sandy and others with rocks, stretching west and south of the airport. It is well organized, for swimming, is an experience not to be missed.

Zola (Odyssey Villas)

AGIA KYRIAKI: As we move into the northern part of Kefalonia and the height of the elbow, stretching our legs in the picturesque beach of Agia Kyriaki with sand and pebbles. In the small taverns at the sea visitors can enjoy fresh fish.

VOUTI: A quiet beach with beautiful crystal clear pebbles ideal for nature lovers.

FTERI: An exotic beach accessible only by boat, but attracts yachts of celebrities

AMIDI: The top beach of Zola accessible only by boat, but timeless beauty.

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